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Insta Gc - Earn PayPal Cash and Bitcoin

There is another best site to earn money from the internet, this site is quite famous and proven to pay, that site is Insta GC, this is one of the best GPT sites to earn $5 to $10/day, if you work regularly.

Working with Insta Gc does not require installing an application, just work on the Insta GC site which looks simple and easy, but there are jobs that require you to install applications, the following types of work are available in Insta GC :

Insta Gc Jobs

1. Installing an App or Game

In Insta GC, you will get points by installing applications or games, there are lots of applications and games ready to be installed, points will be given after you finish installing with some rules, such as installing and running it for a few days, reaching a certain level for the game , etc.

2. Answering Surveys

In Insta GC there are many surveys to answer, because they join survey stations around the world, the prizes are also quite large compared to similar sites, for you online survey hunters, then this is a good opportunity.

3. Watching Videos

In Insta GC you can collect points by watching the available videos, don't worry, the points given are equivalent to the videos you watch.

4. Enter the monthly Contest

This is a great opportunity, if you are active in Insta Gc every day, you can get a good ranking to win the Insta Gc contest which is held every month, the prizes are huge!

In addition to the 4 jobs above, you can earn money with the referral program as well, you will get some points after referring friends to register via your referral link, also you will get 10% of your total referral income.

How to Start Insta Gc

1. Register properly on the official Insta Gc site : Insta Gc

2. Verify your email after registering, click the verification link sent to the email you registered at Insta Gc registration

3. Login to the Insta Gc site and complete your profile data

4. Start working by opening the menu on the Insta Gc site, you will find a list of jobs to earn points

5. Convert points to cash, and receive payments via PayPal, convert 100 points to $1, its fast! You also can redeem to Gifts Card, Donate and Bitcoin.

6. Log in every day to grab all available jobs, and get the most points.

I think this is self-explanatory, so please take part now, this could be your additional job, the more GPT sites you follow, the more money you will make, but you have to be able to manage your schedule to work on all of them.

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