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We have heard "Bitcoin" since a few years ago, we also know that bitcoin is a very promising future business, in the future there will be many businesses in the bitcoin category.

Even if you don't know much about bitcoin and its business right now, it never hurts to set up a bitcoin account from now on! because it's free and very useful.

One day, when you follow a business that uses bitcoin as a payment method, you are ready to accept it! the same as having a PayPal account.

Currently there are many online businesses that use bitcoin as rewards, you can use this to try out how the bitcoin payment goes into your bitcoin account.

Then, you can follow many online jobs to earn bitcoins for free, either with money-making sites or with money-making applications that are already widely circulated.

Before it's too late, saving bitcoins from now on is a good investment, you can top up your bitcoin account for free and collect it up to a large amount, after that you can send from your bitcoin account to your bank account.

Send bitcoins to your bank account when bitcoin prices are high, otherwise you can buy bitcoins when prices are low, we can see changes in bitcoin prices anywhere, including in bitcoin accounts.

Create a bitcoin Account

So, now create your bitcoin account for free, there are lots of bitcoin accounts that you can use, one of which is Coinbase, this is very popular and widely used on GPT sites, create your bitcoin account on the official Coinbase site : Coinbase

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