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Ysense - High Paying Online Jobs

This is my experience earning at Ysense, I joined since 2020, yes! it's new, and I've already made $1.400 from this site, no investment! Read my full story below.

At first I was invited by a coworker, I wasn't really interested, but after I tried it on the first day I became very interested. Go ahead, what made me love Ysense and follow how I earn money here.

What is Ysense

Ysense is a big global company, reportedly is a site that was previously engaged in the PTC field, maybe you've heard of "Clicksense", I used to also work there and get a total of $ 800 more, if you look at my PayPal history.

Now, they become Ysense, trusted and legit making money online site, you can earn money by doing tasks and surveys here, yes! Online jobs.

Working in Ysense is Easy

The appearance of the site is simple and easy, this makes me happy to log in every day and do many paid tasks, I admit that here there is a lot of work that can be done every day, namely surveys and assignments, if anyone can share the time, then you will be happy to linger long time on this site. 

If you love to working with App, Ysense is have App for Android and iPhone, but You also can working with Ysense official website.

Ysense pays quite a lot

I feel that the pay for work at Ysense is quite high compared to similar sites, so I don't have to wait too long to reach my income target, at first I focused on getting at least $ 1 / day, and now I earn $ 6 to $ 9 every day. 

How to earn money on Ysense

First, please register on the official Ysense website here: Ysense

After registering, please verify your email, open your email inbox and find a message from Ysense, read and click the verification link in the email. 

Then please login to the Ysense site and complete your profile, it may take a while to complete the profile, but it will bring many opportunities later.

Start Working

Registration, email verification, complete profile, it's time to see the jobs available to you. Of course you know where this job is, you can follow the task with the big prize first, do it with sincerity until the task is completely completed perfectly.

Free Task

Attention to the instructions on each task, you can earn $10 just by trying a new app for a few days, or get $15 to play an android game up to a certain level, some have a pay value of $50 for one task, I've done this many times and this task is what i like.

In addition to the task of installing applications and installing games, there is also an online survey task, the pay is quite varied, almost the same as paid survey sites in general.

Subscription Task

Some tasks sometimes require in app purchases, but it's very lucrative! For example, the task of installing a paid application costs $12/year, yes! I subscribed to the app and paid $12 for 1 year, and the pay I received from Ysense for this assignment was $22, see My profit is $22-12=$10.

One of the tips for success is to grab the highest paying job, don't miss this, you will definitely profit even if it's a subscription task.

Remember, there are many other members looking forward to this task and you must quickly take on this limited task.

At Ysense, you don't have to hesitate! they are a big company, there is also a member forum that you can use to share, ask questions and add friends.

From my experience above, I'm sure you will definitely enjoy working at Ysense, you can still get big pay even with free tasks, register on the Ysense site now: Ysense.

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