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Earn $20 for Every Invite 25 Friends

This is one of my online earnings, at least I get $ 20 every week, because I managed to invite 25 people to join the money-making site, read to the end the full story.

I invite them so that they can also earn money from the internet, this is how I share and be grateful, I always share opportunities that are truly profitable, what site do I mean? 


I've already shared articles about this site, it's YouGov, yes! one of the large paid online survey sites. You can read our post about YouGov here:

How to Make Money Online with YouGov

In addition to earning money by doing surveys, you can also get $20 money for the 25 people you managed to invite. 

How is YouGov

From the details of the previous article, you will get paid $ 20 to complete 15 to 20 surveys, it's a fairly balanced payment In my experience, there are not so many surveys on YouGov compared to other online survey sites, so it takes a long time to reach the withdrawal limit, so I will give you a way to make money faster and more on this site. 

YouGov Referral Program

Almost the same as other money-making sites, YouGov also has a referral program that you can follow after you have registered with YouGov and have completed at least 6 surveys in your account.

Survey Commission on YouGov

You will get points as a form of survey reward, you can exchange points for cash and other prizes worth $ 20, if the points have reached 5,000, usually each survey reward is 200 points / survey, then you need to complete 25 surveys to reach 5,000 points.

Referral Commission on YouGov

For the YouGov referral program, you will get 200 points for each referral.

But the condition is that you and your referrals have completed at least 6 surveys. 

There is no referral limit, you will receive as many referral commissions as you invite, as long as you meet the conditions mentioned earlier.

This is a powerful way to earn money fast on YouGov, however you have to be honest here, never make fake referrals! trust me it won't get you paid, YouGov is a big global company, they definitely have experts to check your account activity.

If you want to get lots of referrals for money making account. We will soon publish articles on how to get lots of referrals, so remember this website: and don't miss our posts.

If you have ideas and questions regarding this post, please comment. Join YouGov now by following this post: Make Money with YouGov, and start to try they Referral Program.

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