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Idle Empire - Earn Money and Gift Cards

Idle-Empire is the best GPT (Get Paid To) site I've ever found, I've never been disappointed with the service of this site, it's the number one site with the most diverse prizes. Gamers and online shopping lovers must join this program, because this site is part of Steam, the largest digital gaming community site in the world today.


You can get cash and bitcoin with various famous banks around the world, the most complete game vouchers and amazing shopping vouchers. You only need to collect points to be exchanged for these prizes.
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How to get Idle-Empire points

To earn points, there are many types of jobs that you can do, ranging from Online Surveys, Offers, Watching Videos, and other online jobs that are easy to do if you take the time. With a lot of work, you will easily collect points.

Leaderboard and community

There is a leaderboard feature where the best member will be given a big prize, namely the member with the most points, be ranked first and take all the prizes! There is also a community feature to share with millions of other members, this is very encouraging to work.

Join now!

What are you waiting for? If you are a gamer, like online shopping, like vouchers and gift cards, want to increase your income and meet new friends, please register now with these steps:

1. Register

Make sure you register correctly on the following official Idle-Empire website and receive bonus 500 to 10.000 points just with this link:

2. Verify your account

After registration, immediately check your email inbox to click the confirmation link to validate your account, if any, also verify your mobile phone.

3. Login and collect points

After properly registered and verified, please login to the Idle-Empire site and complete your profile first, this is very important and affects the availability of jobs for you later.

If your profile is complete, please start collecting points by going to the "Earn" menu, there will be many choices of tasks that you can do to earn points, stay consistent and don't forget time management to take care of all the money making sites you use.

As an information, currently I have 10 money-making sites and I have to divide the time to work on each site, with time and schedule management, I can earn $1,000/month just by spending 6 hours/day in front of a cellphone screen, isn't it? computer. You can definitely get more too.

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