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ViewFruit - Fun to Earn Money

I will say that it is very enjoy to have you working on this site, ViewFruit is one of the big survey sites and it is available for all countries. Below I will tell you about my fun making money on ViewFruit.

This site is quite different when compared to other survey sites, sometimes I prefer to stay for longtime on this site, yes! There's a lot of fun that keeps me from leaving the site, here are the details:

A lot of surveys

This survey site always seems to provide a lot of surveys, I rarely find zero survey, this is a great opportunity to earn a lot of money.

Great rewards

The prizes in ViewFruit are in the form of points that can be exchanged for PayPal money and others bank, it didn't take me long to get paid. Each survey has between 100 and 300 points, just collect 2,500 points to exchange for $5 PayPal. Within two days, you will be able to withdraw money.

Social media

Amazingly, this survey site looks like a social media site, where you can interact with millions of other members who join ViewFruit, you can view profiles and contact new friends here.

Forums features

You can join and create forums for interesting discussions, can share and add insight.

Vote features

You can make a vote like a survey that will be responded to by other members, you can ask for opinions on whatever you ask with the vote feature.

Mobile site

This site is neatly organized and lightweight, easy to access, this display will make you excited and comfortable.


In addition to the website, you can also do Surveys in available applications, there are even prizes if you use the application.


You also have the opportunity to get a lot of points with lotteries like spin rounds.

And much more fun that you can find on this site, but you need to understand the right way to get started, here are the steps to get started:

How to get started

1. Register 

This is always the first, please register on the official ViewFruit site here: ViewFruit

2. Verify your account

This is always important, verify your email and phone to validate your registration.

3. Complete your profile

Feels a little inconvenient, but it's a good start! Complete all the available profile fields, it will take a while, but trust me you will love the site afterwards.

4. Study the site and get to work

If your profile is complete, it's time to study the menu on this site and you will find surveys available to do. Login everyday to complete available surveys.

With the 4 steps above, you have succeeded in getting a new, fun place to work and definitely make you earn extra income online.

It doesn't matter if you join several survey sites, as long as you can manage time to work on all survey sites, the more sources of money, the more money you make.

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