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How to Set Schedules for Successful Online Working

We know there are many sites to work online, ranging from get paid to sites, online survey sites and other make money online sites, it makes it difficult to divide time and not get maximum results.

For as a permanent employee, this will definitely not go well, because half of his time is spent on office jobs. For that, I will give tips so that your online work can produce optimally.

1. Selection of your online job

Prepare a day just to see where you have joined the make money online site, you have to focus that you are only looking at the list.

Choose only legitimate and trusted make money sites, take note of the list of sites and study them again one by one to optimize them, remember... if you are not sure, leave the site because there are many other sites that are better and according to your abilities.

2. Set the schedule

If you have chosen 5 make money online sites, then it's time to set a work schedule. You need schedule notes that you can view with easy, also daily reminders and goal. You can make a work schedule according to your life, for example:

  • Doing online work on 5 sites starting in the morning sequentially, each site is targeted for completion in 1 hour, so you need 5 hours to complete. Make sure you have rules and stick to them, disciplined and focused, on time and on target.
  • Doing work online 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening, or vice versa, it's a simple example, the practice will vary, sometimes it takes 2 hours for each site, or even just 30 minutes/site, you set it .

3. Create your income target

After the schedule has been arranged and adhered to properly, you also need to set your income target in each session of the schedule. For example, get a few of points in 1 hour, or a few dollars in 1 hour, and so on.

This will make you successful in working online, we all know that nothing is 100% according to schedule and goal, but what you are doing is right! You better have a regular work schedule even though the results have not reached the target, at least you have tidy up your time and your mind.

For example, I work on 5 make money online sites:
  • 1 hour to do 5 Surveys on the Online Survey site A = $5
  • 1 hour to do 5 surveys on the Online Survey B site = $3
  • 1 hour to do 5 surveys on the Online Survey site C = $1
  • 1 hour to do some tasks on the site Get Paid To A = $2
  • 1 hour to do some tasks on the site Get Paid To B = $1
Try to calculate how much income? Is $12, although some accumulate as points and don't get paid instantly, but you can definitely imagine and think of it as a daily money target.

Earning $12/day with 5 make money online sites, with 5 hours of work, if you do it every day then you can calculate how much you earn in one month, $12 × 30 = $360.

Or, maybe you only get little survey qualifications and tasks, at least you get half of the eranings above, which is = $6/day, then $180/month, that's good enough for a simple life.

That's just an example with a middle income forecast and it happened to me in the past, now I have studied all the online make money sites that I follow, set a schedule and set a target, so that currently my income is at least $1,000/month with a maximum working hour of 10 hours/day .

4. Focused and comfortable

If this 1 hour is only to work on site A, then you really have to stare at site A for an hour, don't try to look at other sites that are not related to the work in progress. This includes muting your cell phone notifications and making sure the place you work online is comfortable and quiet.

In the past, I did online work for hours in my room, but now I have a separate room to work online, I make it special, sometimes I do it in cafes or parks. Because I know, that focus can also be obtained from the comfort environment.

5. Always remember Point 2 and Point 3

It's an important key that really makes my life easy working online.

In the beginning, it does take a long time to complete an online work session, but once you get used to a scheduled routine, you'll get used to it and get your own formula to work faster and earn more.

Those are 5 tips for setting work schedules and target that can make you successful by working online, following all those opportunities is good, but it's better for you to follow definite and regular opportunities, it doesn't matter if you work at 25 make money online sites and spend 12 hours/day, as long as it fits the schedule and target, then you will be rich just by working from home with your cell phone.

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