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Webtalk - Make Money with Social Media

What is Webtalk

Webtalk is a social media site like Facebook or Twitter, but here you can make big money. Webtalk is a pay per lead site and pays you from advertising revenue.

WebTalk Activity Rewards

Earn 10% of the advertising revenue generated from your daily activity on Webtalk

Be active and make quality posts in Webtalk daily to maximize your rewards

Pageviews (All pages you view in Webtalk with ads count as a pageview awarding engagement points)

Customer Rewards

Earn 10% residual commissions on all PRO premium feature upgrades purchased by your referrals to Webtalk

PRO features include: Remove Ads, Premium Messaging, Premium Search, Contact Management, Premium Marketing Tools, Premium Research Tools & More...

Affiliate rewards

Earn $5 for every friends you refer to our rewards program upon them recieving their first payment of $100 or more.

Future rewards ( cooming soon )

You will earn 10% of all revenue generated from purchases made by your referrals to Webtalk on all future products and services sold.

Marketplace, Earn 10% of the transaction fee on all transactions

Travel, Earn 10% of the transaction fee on all transactions

Games, Earn 10% of all revenue generated from in-app purchases

Classifieds, Earn 10% of all listing fees
Investments and More...

How to start

2. Verify your email registered

3. Login and complete your profile

4. Verify your payment account ( you must do it to start earning, this is secure and totally free forever )

5. Be social like on Facebook, make a status, comment, react, and upload your media
Invite your friends to earn more money

6. Reach $100 and it will automaticaly sended to verified payment account.

Note: You must verify your payment account for qualified to earn money in Webtalk, also to activate your $5 registration bonus. This is a big new program, so start now.

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