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YouGov Survey - $20 PayPal Rewards

YouGov is one of my favorite survey sites, since 2020 I have received $800 prizes from YouGov, I received rewards via PayPal and I am very happy. Even so, there are some gifts that I received with other methods, such Amazon vouchers, here I will show you how to earn money on YouGov like I did.

Why is YouGov the best?

I think YouGov is a big company with branches in several countries. From the existing system, I feel a lot of difference compared to most survey sites. It feels more professional and the reward is equivalent to work.

Also, I see YouGov also has other businesses, it makes me sure YouGov as a safe and best place to work and getting Free Dollar.

How to Make Money on YouGov 

Because this is a survey site, you will work as a survey answerer here, answering questions from YouGov clients to develop their business, your input will greatly affect the client's company. 

1. Register

First, you have to join as a YouGov member, by registering on the YouGov site. 

Register on the official YouGov site 

2. Registration is must complete

Make sure your registration is completely finish, don't forget to click on the confirmation link sent to the email you registered, some also confirm cell phone sms. If your registration is complete, please login to your YouGov account.

3. Complete profile data

In a state already logged in, read the instructions that appear. Yes, usually you are asked to complete your Profile data completely. This is very important! So that the more surveys you can get, the more surveys the more money. 

4. Time to work

If your profile is complete, it's time to get to work! Look at the YouGov page, there will be a list of Surveys that you can do. Please complete the available surveys, do it casually and carefully, usually you only spend 5-10 minutes to answer survey questions.

5. Keep working

Repeat step number 4 regularly, yes! Log in to the YouGov site every day to take available surveys, don't miss it, because there are many members who take the available surveys.

6. Take lots of surveys

Also check your email inbox, the available survey invitations will be sent to the email you registered on YouGov, don't miss the invitation, don't miss the money.

7. Receive your money

Collect as many points as possible, every survey you complete will give you a prize in the form of points. Usually 120 to 300 points, you only need to accumulate 5,000 points to be able to exchange points for $20 PayPal money.

You have to do at least 25 surveys to get 5,000 points, this is quite fast compared to other survey sites.

That's what I do to earn money from YouGov, I'm sure you can too and earn more money if you have free time. 

Advantages of YouGov

+ Is a big company

+ The site display is lightweight and easy to access + Surveys equal to rewards 

+ Can be done on the website or application

+ Available in different countries

Disadvantages of YouGov

- Prize payment usually takes up to 7 working days.

I think my explanation is complete, it's time for you to follow what I do to earn money on YouGov, I hope you get more and don't forget to be grateful.

Register on the official YouGov site

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