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How to Make Money with Survey Sites

There are many ways to earn money on the Internet, one of which is with Survey sites, You will be paid to answer questions or surveys published by the company at Survey sites.

How do Survey sites work?

A company needs advice from consumers, for example a Coca-Cola company, it will make a new variant or flavor for Coca-Cola, so it needs advice from all its customers about what taste they are most interested in.

And several other questions such as what bottle shape consumers prefer, comparisons with other brands and other questions regarding Coca-Cola products.

Survey sites will help companies reach out to consumers and forward these questions to those consumers. Illustration: Coca-Cola company > Survey sites > Consumers.

The Survey sites gets paid from the company, then takes some profit before giving it to Survey responders as a rewards. You here are Survey respondents! You're going to spend a few minutes answering these questions and get your rewards.

That is just an example, there are many other companies doing the same thing, such as auto companies, clothing, accessories and others. You should also know that there are also many Survey sites available.

How to be a Survey responder?

First, You must register correctly on the Survey sites and verify your email after registration (after registration, please click the verification link sent by the Survey sites to the email You registered).

Second, if registration and verification have been completed, please log in to the Survey sites and complete Your profile, then complete the available paid Survey, usually there will be an estimated prize and duration.

Make sure You answer the Survey carefully, visit the Survey sites every day to do as many Surveys as possible, the more Surveys you complete, the more money your get.

Survey availability is limited, there are many Survey responders who join like you, one Survey is sometimes only for a few people, so don't miss it.

If there is no Survey available on the Survey site, visit the Survey sites a few minutes later, the Survey will continue to be updated every time. Survey availability will also be notified to you via email, so check Your registered email regularly.

How much You earn with Survey sites

In general, one Survey that you complete will give you a rewards of $0.1 to $5, it is different on each Survey site, here is an example of income for a $1/Survey:

If you complete 5 Surveys/day on one Survey sites then you will get $5/day, if you do it every day, then you will get $5 × 30 = $150/month, if you do this on 3 Survey sites, then you will get $150 × 3 = $450/month.

How much time did You spend

Completing one survey took 10 minutes, it would be 50 minutes to complete 5 surveys. If you work on 3 survey sites, then the time you spend is 50 minutes × 3 = 150 minutes/day, or take an average of about 3 hours of work per day.

The best Survey sites to Make Money

In our opinion, a good Survey sites is like the following:
  • Really paid survey responders
  • Provides many surveys
  • Pay according to the duration of the Survey
  • Fast payment processing
  • Easy site interface for answering Surveys
  • Free to join

Here are some of the best Survey sites that we mean, its high paying Survey sites, please register correctly at each Survey sites below, click for details:

5. More Surveys sites

Pros: By working regularly on thats 4 Survey sites, You can earn $ 600/month with 3 - 4 hours of work every day, of course, with good strategy and management by You.

You can do it at home, in the garden, even wherever You want, when to start and stop, You are the Boss! You can schedule time to working in many Survey site.

Cons: Each survey has different consumer criteria, sometimes you cannot participate because your profile does not match the criteria required by the company, just try to get another surveys. 

Frist, you must complete your Profile, it also like a surveys, it may can spend 30 minutes, but this is important to get more qualified surveys.

However, you will overcome this once you get used to it, at least you can still earn more than $400/month month with just 4 survey sites.

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