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Mobrog Survey - Free $100 Lottery

Are you interested in the free $100 lottery? Everyone is also interested! I'm going to explain how great the survey site Mobrog is and how to get started, so please read to the end.

Mobrog Survey is also my favorite survey site, not only because of the free $100 lottery every month, but also the ease of making money on this site. I always choose a survey site that is simple and pays according to the work, Mobrog is one of them.

I consider the Mobrog site an opportunity to get more prizes, of course with the free $100 lottery being held every month, plus the prize for the completed surveys.

Well, what if I immediately invite you to join in this great opportunity? Here's how I earn money on the Mobrog Survey site.

1. Register on the Mobrog Survey site

Yes, as usual, please register properly on the official Mobrog Survey website, here:

2. Important! Verify your account

Every registration will be useless if you don't verify, remember this. Make sure you immediately click on the verification link sent via the email you registered on the Mobrog Survey site.

3. Complete your Profile

After your registration is complete and verified by email, it's time for you to login to the Mobrog Survey site and complete your profile data, fill in your profile correctly and completely so that you can get many surveys.

4. Get to work

After all the profile data has been filled in completely, it's time to check the surveys available on the Mobrog site, usually there will be a list of surveys along with information on the amount paid, the pay on the Mobrog site is also quite large, ranging from $0.5 to $3/survey.

5. Get $100 lottery every month

At Mobrog, there will be two lucky people to get $100 each with the lucky lottery. So, to take part in this lottery you only need to collect and activate lottery tickets, you will receive 1 lottery ticket for every survey that fails to complete, yes sometimes we fail to complete surveys because the survey does not match our profile.

You can activate the lottery tickets collected in the Lottery menu available, and please wait for the announcement of the lottery winner at the end of the month.

I've heard that only members who have completed 6 surveys can participate, but I don't know for sure about this.

6. Receive payment

You can withdraw your money after the accumulated balance of $6.5 via PayPal, it's not that difficult. You only need to complete at least 6 surveys to receive payment, if the prize amount of each survey is $1. My experience, I collected $6.5 with 8 surveys.

That's my review of Mobrog Survey, I hope you enjoy this Free Dollar now. Have a nice day and earn more money by reading information from me on this web.

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