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SurveyTime - Earn $5/day Instantly

You should know that this site is amazing! The first time I found this site, I was shocked and amazed. In less than 1 hour after registration I already received $5 via PayPal! You must read this to the end.

Frist time I thought none specials about this site, but I was wrong, this is the number 1 survey site in my life, on this page I will explain more fully and I will show you how to make money on this simple site.

SurveyTime paying $1 / Survey

Yes! That's right, every survey you complete will give you a prize of $ 1, this is a large prize value compared to other survey sites, imagine if you complete 5 surveys in one day, then you will get $ 5 that day.

If you do it for one month, it means you have collected $150 just by spending 1 hour / day. Yes, one survey will take about 8 to 10 minutes, depending on your habits. What if you complete 10 surveys/day? You can calculate it yourself. 

Instant prize payout

Prize payments will be sent directly to PayPal, Amazon or Coinbase. Within minutes, the gift arrived, without waiting for days. At the end of the survey, you will find a prize selection and delivery page, this is very interesting because there is no need to wait to get paid.

Simple site

Once registered correctly, you only need to login to the SurveyTime site and see if there are surveys available, if there are please do it right away. If the survey is not available at that time, please come to the site after a few minutes, the survey availability is always updated.

Browser notifications

You can activate browser notifications like an application, every time a survey is available there will be a notification on your phone.

Survey invitation by email

This is the best weapon! When you don't see a survey available on the website, it's time you go to the email inbox registered with SurveyTime, you will see a survey invitation, try to find available surveys by following the invite link in the email.

Survey invitations that you have opened before will still lead you to the availability of new surveys, so check your email for more surveys, even if the email was sent yesterday or has been opened before.

$0.5 bonus if the main survey is not available

When the main survey is not available, you will get an offer to take a short survey with a half prize, yes $0.5.

The cons of SurveyTime are almost non-existent, I am satisfied with the work at SurveyTime and would highly recommend it to everyone who wants to earn money from the internet.

How to get started 

1. Register

Please register on the official SurveyTime website, here: Surveytime 

2. Important! Verify Your Email

Make sure your registration is complete, don't forget to immediately click the confirmation link sent to the email you registered, some also require cell phone sms verification.

In some cases, for the first time you need to verify your PayPal account by receiving a test payment from SurveyTime of $0.01. This is to make sure your PayPal account is really ready to receive the next payment.

3. Complete your Profile data

After the registration and verification process has been completed perfectly, please login to the SurveyTime site and you will be asked to complete your profile data. Please do it correctly and completely, so you can get a lot of surveys.

4. Get to work

After your profile is complete, please come to the SurveyTime site regularly to check if there are surveys available, make sure you don't miss the surveys available on the website and also your email inbox.

5. Receive Payment

As I explained, you will receive payment at the end of the survey, so make sure you complete the survey until the end, at the end of the survey you will be asked to give a rating and choose a direct payment method.

I'm sure you'll love this site, so make sure your registration and verification are complete, make sure you don't miss your first prize!

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